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XdN Directions 0.0

Performs direction searches on Google Maps right from your desktop
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This searching tool is designed to look up for maps and directions on Google Maps web site. This quiet application locates on your system tray after installation and only one window is all you’re gonna see of it. As you can imagine from what I just said, it’s extremely easy to use and low resource consuming.
So, how does it work? When you want to access this tool to look up for directions you can either double click on the system tray icon or you can right click on the icon and select the Directions option that appears on the pop-up menu. Once you do one of these things, the application dialog window will show up on your screen and you’ll quickly see two main sections: Starting Location on the left side and Destination Location on the right side.
On each section you have two text boxes to fill up: Street Address and City/State or Zip Code. Also, you will see a Clear button to delete the content of the text boxes in the case you need it. When you have entered the required information you’re ready to press the “Get Directions!” button to see the results. Immediately a web browser will open on Google Maps web site showing the requested directions.
In case the information is not enough to perform the search, the default Google Maps web page will be open.
For non American users this tool might not be that helpful at start up because the default location country is EEUU. In addition, non english speaking people will have problems because there is no availability of other languages in this software.
A good thing though is that you can access to this tool for free.

Juan Morán
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  • Easy-to-use, quick access to Google Maps, freeware licensed


  • Needs NET Framework 2.0, only in english, performs searchs within EEUU
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